Saturday, January 20, 2018

Dear Trader,

If you’re not making good money in the Forex Market, the problem is almost always due to your trading strategy. Should you be buying or selling at any given time?

Will you go short on EUR/USD or long on USD/JPY? How many pips should you take?

My name is Mario Singh and I am known in the trading world as Asia’s #1 Forex Coach and author of the best-selling book “Unlocking the World’s Largest Financial Secret.”

Having had the privilege to speak to audiences worldwide, I have noticed that the most common question raised is: “What is the best strategy to trade the Forex Market?”

Each time I hear the question, I can’t help but smile. After all, that was my biggest question when I first started trading. It’s almost always: “Give me the strategy first, and we’ll talk about successful trading later!”



“What do you want to achieve or avoid? How will you go about achieving your desired result? The answer to this, you can call strategy.”


The Forex Market is the largest financial market in the world, trading at an astounding volume of USD5.3 trillion every single day. It is not difficult to make consistent profits from this huge market – if you know exactly how.

If you find yourself struggling to make a decision on whether to click buy or sell, that means you don’t have a proven strategy to help you win in the Forex Market.

FOREX Intensive Training (F.I.T.)

Loaded with proven and highly profitable strategies, I created this program to give you the exact tools you need to make the right decision when you trade.

These strategies work. Plain and simple.

I have taught these strategies to both retail traders and bank traders. Both groups have enjoyed wild success after employing the strategies in this program.

In fact, these strategies are so powerful that some of the bank traders who used them have since quit the bank and started trading for themselves!

In this program, you will master:

• Your money making machine – the MT4 platform
• The 3 ways prices move
• The Trend Rider Strategy
• The Power Ranger Strategy
• The Great Escape Strategy
• Simple Money Management Rules
• Real trading examples and case studies

And so much more!

Just ONE of these strategies consistently grabs over 1,000 pips from the Forex Market per trade. Yes. One THOUSAND pips.

What the Experts Say


“Best Path for Success!”

Boris Schlossberg
Managing Director of FX Strategy, BK Asset Management


“I would send new clients to Mario every time.”

Barbara Rockefeller
Founder of Rockefeller Treasury Services & Author of “The Foreign Exchange Matrix”


“It is truly world-class!”

Bellum Tan


I have conducted The Forex Intensive Training (FIT) program in over 10 countries around the world. The retail price of the FIT program goes for USD1,888. However, with this exclusive FIT DVD series, you will be able to learn all the strategies I teach in the comfort of your own home. Pause and play the video as much as you want to learn at your own pace. The best part is that you don’t need to invest USD1,888 for the LIVE program.
For the very first time, I am slashing over 90% of the program price and extending my FIT DVD series to you for only USD140.

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I guarantee you that your trading results will improve dramatically.

See you on the Forex highway!

To Your Success,
Mario Singh
Asia’s #1 Forex Coach

About Mario

Using the Forex trading methods he now teaches, Mario Singh became a hugely successful trader featured over 40 times on CNBC and Bloomberg in only 3½ years!

Today, regarded worldwide as a Forex expert and Master Coach, Mario continues his work on the global stage. His clients include some of the biggest banks in the world, including Julius Baer, ICBC and OCBC. Mario’s two best-selling books “17 Proven Currency Trading Strategies” and “Unlocking the World’s Largest Financial Secret” are endorsed by global billion dollar fund managers like Dr Mark Mobius, Executive Chairman of Templeton Emerging Markets Group, and David Kotok, Chairman of Cumberland Advisors.

Mario Singh’s main goal is to help eliminate financial illiteracy in world. As Founder and CEO of FX1 Academy, Mario has trained over 20,000 retail traders and investors on how to trade Forex profitably. In 2012, FX1 Academy became the first-ever Forex education company in Asia to be awarded the Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand, the same international award given to global giants like McDonalds and Samsung. In 2014, FX1 Academy bagged the prestigious “Best Forex Education Provider” by International Finance Magazine in London.

Mario has a big vision – to help create one million enlightened millionaires all over the world through Forex Trading. Are you next?