Written Testimonials

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“80% in 5 months!”

Hi Mario, I have really benefit from your teaching. My objective is to make 5-10% PA. I made 80% for the past 5 months, better than expected. Thank you for your guidance!
– Lee Kent Guan, Singapore


“Profited More than 600 pips!”

“Mario, you are excellent. I profited more than 600pips based on your Forex Guide in My Paper. Thank you!”
– Judy Wong, Singapore


“15% profit in May!”

“Hi FX1 coaches. The new LINE and KISS strategies are awesome! I have managed to increase my live trading account by 15% just in the month of May alone. With your continuous support, I believe I am on my way to being a good trade. Keep it up guys! =) ”
– Daniel Ling, Singapore


“Great Wealth-Building Experience!”

“It took me quite a while before I finally made up my decision to start live trading. And it is through FX1 that I build the confidence to finally start trading live. With the guidance of the coaches, references from charts posted, and comments by fellow traders and coaches have made FX1 a great learning avenue for new traders like me. The coaches have been insistent on the values and lessons taught by the academy. Well done FX1. And thank you all for the great wealth building experience!”
– Mohammad Faizal, Singapore


“Thank you Mario, You Gave Me Confidence!”

“Thank you for the EUR/USD trade. I sold half and the other is still carrying on with SL tightened to net me 75-pips. The EUR/GBP, I sold half 43-pips and tightened my SL, so still made another 70-pips.
I also took a AUD/JPY, it’s with a trailing stop loss of 45-points, it’s in the money for 80-pips. I sold earlier AUD/JPY netting me 76-pips. Thank you Mario, you’ve given me the confidence to trade :)”
– Hirok Gnosh, Singapore


“I could not have chosen a better Forex education partner”

“Mario, the coaches and the entire team at FX1 have been a great learning and support partner in my forex journey.  You guys are the real deal and I could not have chosen a better forex education partner.”
– Kelvin Koo Kiat Hoong, Singapore


“Thank you for being here for us”

A very big thank you to all the coaches for maintaining this flex online system, for the trade calls, weekly master class and being there to answer our questions. Your efforts are very much appreciated. Please keep up the good work. Cheers!
– John Thong


“Thank you for the wonderful support!”

Thank you to the Coaches for the wonderful support accorded to the students/ traders with this FLEX platform. Personally, I find it very helpful and useful with all the information it provides. I learned alot on the Divergence technique and find it useful as they are there on the chart practically everyday except I was not aware of it until the webinar. Thanks again for the guidance and keep up the good work!
– Victor Toh, Singapore


“Looking forward to create massive wealth!”

Hi Mario, I am honored to attend the 1st FBI course in Malaysia. It was an eye opener for me, and it will really help me in venturing into the business side of FOREX Trading. Looking forward to create massive wealth together….more to come
– Eric Chong, Malaysia


“I greatly appreciate your teachings”

Hi Mario, I relatively new to Forex and have been listening to your talks.Lately I took on your trade call on the USD/CAD and followed to the dot. It is spot on.You indeed do have the insight(understatement I suppose) greatly appreciate your teachings.Will look forward to more of your calls. Once again Thank You
– Ramesh


“17% profit in April, then 28% in May!”

“Hi Mario, on April 1st two weeks i lost many trades, then i happened 2 meet u n ask your guidance. In the last 2 weeks of April i manage to use ur advice to earn many trades n end up my April overall result is 17% capital gain! Then on may my overall gain is 28%! Thanks Mario and FX1 Academy.”
– Lee Kar Seng, Malaysia


“Great job on the newly revamped Live trading room!”

“Coaches, i want to compliment you for the Live Trading room. I very much appreciate the increased content with comments on major supports and resistances as well as relations to upcoming news. Great job!
– Thomas Naldi, Switzerland


“FX1 Trade Alerts give me consistent profits!”

“After my graduation with FX1 Academy, trades were won consistently. But what came as a bonus was their trade alerts, it literally generates a consistent profis of no less than 5% each month. The best part is I do not even have to analyse the trades myself! Cheers and thank you FX1 Academy! ”
– Ryan Ser Soon Hua, Malaysia


“FX1 Trade Alerts bring convenience to a whole new level!”

“I was in the national service with the army and had limited time to monitor Forex market. A simple SMS alert enabled me to enter a trade and earn money consistently. It really brings convenience to a whole new level!”
– Muhammad Fadzali, Singapore