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What the Experts Say...

"Great combination of technical strategies and psychology lessons!”

- Adam Khoo, Executive Chairman, Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group
"A true masterpiece!" - Song Seng Wun, Celebrity Economist
"Excellent grounding for new traders! " - Howard Friend, CMT Independent Asset Manager, Switzerland
"Mario's motto, ‘fundamentally driven, technically executed’ is spot on!"
– Barbara Rockefeller, Founder of Rockefeller Treasury Services & Author of "The Foreign Exchange Matrix"
"A provocative assemblage! Well done!" - David Kotok, Chief Investment Officer Cumberland Advisors

About the Author
Mario Singh, as seen on CNBC

The only Forex educator in Asia featured 35 times on CNBC, Mario Singh is a widely sought-after Forex expert who has trained more than 10,000 people ranging from private bankers to complete beginners on how to trade Forex profitably. His big vision is to help create one million enlightened millionaires all over the world through Forex Trading by the Year 2020.

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